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48" (1,250mm) x .078" (2mm) x 20,000# Pivatic Loop CNC Cassette Punching / Cut to Length Line (2013)



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Coil Weight 10 tons
Width 48 inches
Thickness 2 millimeters

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Manufacturer: Pivatic (Finland)
Year: 2013
Material Data:
Steel strip, strength up to 400 N/mm²
Surface pre-painted, plastic covered, galvanized
Coil weight up to 10 000 kg
Sheet thickness Range:  0,5mm to 1.50 mm (2mm)
Coil ID: 508 mm (*610mm)
Coil OD: 1,600 mm
Strip width Range:  60mm to 1,250 mm
Product data:
Cut blanks up to 2,500 mm
Punched blanks up to 2,500 mm
Complete Line with the Following Components:
Floor Type Coil Car 
10 Ton Weight Capacity
Mandrel Uncoiler
3 Leaf Hydraulic Expansion
Expansion Range: 470mm to 550mm
*(4) Rubber Rings to Increase ID to 570mm / 650mm and 610mm
Coil OD: 1,600 mm
Powered Hold Down Roll
Sliding on Rails
Peeler/ Threading Table
Entry Edge  Guides
Entry Pinch Rolls
120mm Diameter
5 Roll Straightener
Work Roll Diameter: 60mm
Greeper Feeder
AC Servo Motor /Rack and Pinion Mechanism
Feeder Stroke: up to 940mm
Feeder Speed: 100m/min
Electrical Punching Station (Thick Turret Tooling)
Designed for Punching-Nibbling-Embossing-Piercing
DPT (Double Tool Punch)
Punching Force: 300 KN
Thick Turret Tools are set in "easy to change" Cassettes
(2) Tool Cassettes (each including 21 tool stations size A to F):
-10 A Stations up yo 12.7mm diameter
-6 B stations up to Ø31,75 mm diameter
-2 C stations up to Ø 50,80 mm diameter
-1 D station up to Ø 88,90 mm diameter
-1 E station up to Ø 114,0 mm diameter
-1 F station up to Ø 152,4 mm diameter
Cut to Length Mode:
Electrical Shear
Thickness Range: 0.50mm to 2mm
Down Cut Design
Day Light Opening: 14mm
Blank Discharge Conveyor
Motor Driven Conveyor Belt: 2,500mm long Blanks
*Blanks smaller than 300/200mm are guided down a box through a pneumatic chute
-Blanks up to 700mm length can be discharged through the chute.
Turning Drum for Punched Blanks
Length up to 2,500mm
(2) Motorized Conveyor Belts
Magnetic Stacker with Lifting Table
Minimum Width: 200mm
Minimum Length: 300mm
Max Length: 2,500mm
Center Stationary Magnets 
Line Controller: 
Siemens Sinumerik 840D Numerical Control and Integrated PLC
Programming Software: PivaCam 
Runs in Windows 7  Operating System
Line Complete with Hydraulics, Electrics, Controls, Manuals and Drawings

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