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From Flat Metal to Finished Tubes: The Journey Inside a Tube Mill

  In the world of industrial manufacturing, tube mills are essential for producing various types of metal pipes and tubes. These sophisticated machines use precise mechanisms to transform raw materials into high-quality, finished products. This post provides a thorough overview of the functions and operations of a tube mill. What is a Tube Mill? A […]
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The Function of an Uncoiler in a Slitting Line

In a slitting line, an uncoiler plays a crucial role in the initial stage of processing steel coils. Here’s a detailed explanation of what an uncoiler does and its importance in the slitting process: ### Function of an Uncoiler: 1. **Material Feeding:** – An uncoiler is responsible for unwinding the large steel coil, which typically […]
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Streamlining Steel Processing: The Evolution of Cut To Length Lines

In the realm of steel processing, efficiency is king. From automotive manufacturing to construction projects, industries rely heavily on steel in various forms, making the process of cutting steel sheets into precise lengths a crucial step in the supply chain. This is where cut-to-length (CTL) lines come into play, revolutionizing the way steel is processed […]
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The Marvels of Precision: Unraveling the World of Steel Slitting Lines

In the heart of every modern marvel made of steel, lies a crucial process that ensures its perfection: steel slitting lines. These incredible machines play a pivotal role in the steel industry, transforming large coils of steel into precisely measured strips ready for various applications. In this blog post, we will delve into the intricate […]
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How Plant Liquidation Works

One of the many things we do at Galaxie Corporation is plant liquidation. Plant liquidation refers to the process of permanently closing down a manufacturing facility or industrial plant. The specific steps involved in a plant liquidation can vary depending on the circumstances and legal requirements, but here are some general steps that are typically […]
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Understanding the Role and Functioning of a Tube Mill

In the realm of industrial manufacturing, tube mills play a pivotal role in the production of various types of metal pipes and tubes. These mills are complex machines that utilize precise mechanisms to transform raw materials into high-quality, finished products. This post aims to provide a comprehensive overview of what a tube mill does and […]
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Plymouth Tube Auction Sale Brochure

• CLOSURE OF PRECISION STAINLESS • TUBE MANUFACTURING FACILITY • Laser Tube Mills with Rafted Stands, Tube Recut Machines and Plant Support Equipment • • Online Only Webcast | No On-Site Bidding • Featuring: 2012 Kusakabe Rafted Pipe Mill with Tooling 2004 Kusakabe Rafted Pipe Mill with Tooling Tube Bundle Turner Tensile Tester Flare Tester […]
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Join Galaxie Corporation in Hanover, Germany for EuroBLECH 2022! Hall 016, Stand J46

Meet Galaxie’s sales team in Hall 016, Stand J46 What is EuroBLECH? EuroBLECH is the largest trade exhibition for the sheet metal working industry and is valued by top industry professionals from all over the world as the marketplace for finding an extensive range of products and services. A clearly structured exhibition profile covers the […]
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What is Coil Processing

What is coil processing? Coil processing is the process of converting a steel coil into sheets of varying shapes and sizes or smaller coils for use across numerous industries for a multitude of products. Coils can be processed in many ways but here we will discuss the two main techniques: cutting to length and cutting […]
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