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30” x .060” x 20,000# Herr Voss / Red Bud High Speed Blanking Line


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Coil Weight 20000 pounds
Width 30 inches
Thickness .065 inches
ID 20 inches
Max OD 72 inches

Equipped With

Coil Capacity:  20,000#
Thickness Range:  .015” - .060”
Minimum Strip Width:  2.5”
Maximum Strip Width:  30”
Coil OD:  72”
Coil ID:  20”
Sheet Length:  2” - 168”
Pack Height:  20” 
Pack Weight:  10,000#
Line Speed:  125 FPM
Grade:  45K KSI
Complete Line With:  
L-Type Coil Car
Floor Standing / Self Contained Hydraulics
Mandrel Uncoiler
Hold Down Roll
Feed-up Drive
Hydraulic Expansion
3 Leaf Mandrel
Peeler Table In / Out / Up / Down
Edge Guides
Pinch Rolls
Herr Voss 5HI Precsion
Model No:  RH 36/1.156-19/5, 5HI W/PR
5 Flights Top & Bottom Back-Ups
Individual Motorized Adjustments
Digital Readout Back Up Positioning
Entry & Exit Tilt with Digital Roll Positioning
2 Sets of Operator Stations
Spare set of Rolls
Looping Pit Cascade Rolls
Red Bud  Gripper Feeder
Double Grip Feeder
Red Bud Shear
Model SH18-140-36-6
Drop Type Stacker
Lift Tabes
Side Squaring 
Motorized Width Adjustment
Motorized End Stop
Side Pallet Feed
Side Discharge
Motorized Belt Conveyor for Short Lengths
Central Hydraulic Unit
Spare Set of Rolls for Leveler
Quick Panel View Digital Readout

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