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72" (1900mm) x .500" (13mm) x 60,000# Ton Loopco Cut-to-Length Line


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Coil Weight 60000 pounds
Width 72 inches
Thickness .500 inches
ID 30 inches
Max OD 79 inches

Equipped With

Material: Hot Rolled Steel

Maximum Yield Strength: 310 N/mm2 (45,000 PSI)
Maximum Shear Strength: 390 N/mm2 (56,000 PSI)

Coil Size: 
Maximum Weight: 30 tonnes (66,000 lbs)
Maximum Outside Diameter: 2000mm (79")
Minimum Inside Diameter: 508mm (20")
Maximum Inside Diameter: 760mm (30")

Material Thickness:
Precision Levelling: 1.25mm to 5mm (.050" to .196")
Flattening: 3.00 to 13mm (.118" to .500")

Material Width: 
Minimum: 700mm (27.5")
Maximum: 1850mm (73")
Coils narrower than 760mm (30") wide must have less than 760mm (30") I.D.

Blank Tolerance:
Length: + or - 1.5mm (.060")
Heavy Gauge-36 MPM (120FPM) maximum feed speed 
Light Gauge-100 MPM (328FPM) maximum feed speed

Cut Length:
Minimum: 800mm (31.5")
Maximum: 6100 (20') in gauges below 5mm, 12000mm (40') in gauges above 5mm

Stack Size: 
Maximum Weight: 10 tonnes (22,040 lbs.)
Maximum Height: 610mm (24")

Direction of Line: Left to Right

Complete Line with the Following Components:
Coil Car
Double Cone Uncoiler
Driven Holddown Roll
Peeler and Feedup Table
Squaring Guides
Entry Pinch Rolls
Side Trimmer
Two Scrap Winders
Strip Support Conveyor
Retracting Hydraulic Shear, Entry Side Guides, Measuring and Tailout Pinch Rolls
Elevating Stacker Conveyor
Runout Conveyor
Line Hydraulic System
Line Electrics

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