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118" (3000mm) x 25.4mm Spiral Pipe Mill (NEW)

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Tube Diameter 118 inches
Max. Wall Thickness 1 inches

Equipped With

Material: Hot rolled coil, carbon steel API X70-Grade / PSL-2
Strip width: 900mm ~2,000mm
Strip thickness: 6.0(t)mm~25.4(t)mm
Coil outside diameter: Φ1,200mm~ Φ2,200mm
Coil inside diameter: Φ762mm
Coil weight: Approx. 30ton

1-2. Pipe to be produced

Kind of product: Water pipe and steel pile, Gas & Oil pipe
Pipe length: 08.0m ~ 18.0m pipe
Pipe weight: Max 30.0-ton pipe
Production Capacity: 60,000ton ~ 100,000ton / year
Production range: Ref to table LINCOLN welder system
Coil Transfers Arm (3 Arms)
Side Guides
Welding System
5 Roll Flattener
Edge Milling Machine
Chip Conveyor
Main Drive and Reducer Machine
Pre-Bender Machine
Forming Side Guides
Forming Inner Beam Support
OD Forming System
OD Welding Carriage System
In-Out Flux Recovery System
In-Out Wine Reel Unit
Push-Pull Rod System
Cut Off Carriage Device
Plasma Cutter 200A
Run Out Roller and Side Guide Machine
Pipe Lifting System
No Motor Control or Gearboxes

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