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16" x 8mm Stainless Kipco Cage Forming Complete Pipe Mill (2005)

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Tube Diameter 16 inches
Max. Wall Thickness .315 inches

Equipped With

Year: 2004/05
Line Direction: Right to Left
Complete Mill with the Following Components:
Coil Lift

Mandrel Uncoiler

Shear and End Welding Station

Copper Weld Clamps and Argon Gas Shielding
Pinch Roll Feeder
Edge Bend Rolls
(2) Breakdown Rolls
Cage Forming Section
(3) Finn Pass Section 
(4) Roll Weld Box Rolls
(4) Weld Bead Grinder Stations
Flap Wheel Grinder with Automatic Adjustment
(3) Sizing Rolls
(2) 4-Roll Turkshead
Saw Cut Off
Runout Station
12 meters in length with a Pinch Roll to pull tube from saw with a two sided dump table to allow for rejected tube to be set aside from good tube
Welding System Combo Tricathode and TIG Plasma
Complete with Electrics, Controls, Manuals, Tooling and Drawings
Installed and Running

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