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508mm - 1422.4mm Diameter x 35mm Pipe Forming Line / 3 Roll Haeusler Plate Bending Machine


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Tube Diameter 2000 millimeters
Wall Thickness 35 millimeters

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Manufacturer: Haeusler ( Swiss)
Installation year: 1990

Outside Diameter:
508mm - 1422.4mm  (20" - 56")
Width of Plate:  3000mm - 12,200mm
Production Capacity:  60,000 Ton/Year
Plate Material:  BM, X42M - X80M
Product:  API 5L all grades
Approved Certificate API5L for line pipe.

(Equipment list)
-12200mm 3-Roll Plate Bending Machine
-Edge miller
-Wagon carriage
-Post bender
-Tack welder
-Inside No2 welder
-Outside No1 welder
-Outside No2 welder
-Shot machine

Width of plate max.: 12,200mm
Width of plate min.: 3000mm
Plate thickness with 500N/mm2 : 6-24mm
Plate thickness with 260N/mm2 : 6-35mm
X 80 plate, bending possible

(Characteristics of machine)
Arrangement of rollers: symmetric
Number of rollers: 3
Top roller diameter I : 630mm
Top roller diameter II : 540mm
Top roller diameter III : 500mm
Bottom rollers I + II : 350mm
Driven rollers: 3
Rotation drive: hydraulic
Adjustable rollers: 3
Operating speed: 3+6 m/min
Adjustment of rollers: hydraulic
Tilting of top rollers: hydraulic
Adjusting of top rollers: vertical
Adjusting of bottom rollers: horizontal
Adjusting speed:
top roller, 0-80 / 200mm/min
bottom roller, 0-230/600mm/min
Top roller material: 30 Cr Nio Mo 8
Bottom roller material: 61 Cr Mn Mo 34
Top roller pressure max. : 430 to
Top roller prestressed pressure max. : 2 x 240 to
Initial tension of top roller: hydraulic
Brake top roller (Typ M201 Bh 1 pce.) : pneumatic
Brake bottom roller (Typ M50 Bh 2 pce.) : pneumatic
Indication of top roller position: 2 x digital
Indication of side rollers position : 1 x digital each
Control: SPS-CNC
Control pane: movable

Voltage: 3 x 440V
CNC-Control type: Meier PC 4000
CPU-Control type: Simatic S5-115U
Total capacity: 274kW

Hydraulic unit: Siemens, 1780rpm, 140kW
Hydraulic unit: Siemens, 1775rpm, 102kW
Hydraulic unit: Siemens, 1755rpm, 21.8kW
Lubrication: Halter, 3310rpm, 0.84kW
Heat exchanger: Halter, 1144rpm, 12.2kW
Top roller: Rollstar
Bottom roller: Rollstar
Manufacturer: Truninger
Manufacturer: Rexroth / CHD
Operating pressure: 5 bar
Consumption of compressed air: 25Nm3/h
Consumption of hydraulic oil: 5,000 litter /2000hours
Consumption of central lubricant: 3-5kg/50hours
Technical documentation: English

(Edge miller)
Width of plate: 1700~4500mm
Length of plate: 3000~12,200mm
Thickness of plate: 6~30mm
Cutting depth(one side): 10~20mm
X65: 6~9mm
X 42: 19~25mm
Shape: I, Y , X

(Inside & Outside welder)
(1) Power supplier(LAE 1600): Inside & Outside DC welding
Setting: 300A/26V ~ 1600A/48V
Cooling type: AF
Maximum open circuit voltage: 58V
(2) Power supplier(TAC 1000): Inside & Outside AC welding
Open circuit voltage: 70~80V
Cooling type: convection
Application: 60Hz, 250A/30V~1000A/44V
(3)Flux feed

(Shot machine)
Shot ball
Work size: W5600 x L 7500 x H 5600mm
Bucket conveying capacity: 125ton/h
(Marking machine)

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