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Heavy Wall Pipe Forming Plant

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Tube Diameter 157 inches
Max. Wall Thickness 1.57 inches

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Heavy Wall Pipe Forming Plant FOR SALE


OD Range:  273mm - 4000mm

Wall Thickness Range:    6.3mm - 100mm

Max Length:  12 Meter



Grad B 35,000 PSI/245 N/mm2

X52 52,000 PSI/355 N/mm2

X70  70,000 PSI/485 N/mm2

X100 100,000 PSI/690 N/mm2

Plate Edge Planing Machine Year 1981

DY Bevel, Y Bevel, I Bevel,

Plate Edge Beveling

Plate Welding for LWDS Pipe

Plate Welding Turning Device Year 1979 / 2015

Welding Support Plate Welding Machine 2015

Plate Roller #1, 3 Rolls, 12,000mm width, 510/550/660 Diameters Year 1973/1983/2000

Pre-Bending Machine Year 1983/2002

2500mm Hausler Stapler Stitching Machine, Year 2001/2004

(2) Urhan & Schwill Inside Welding Machine, 4 arc, 6 welding power sources, Year 2006

(2) Urhan & Schwill Outside Welding Machine 5 arc, 8 welding sources, Year 2006

Georg Tube Seam Welding Machine, 4500mm Dai x 12,000mm, 2 Milling Units, Year 2007

Plate Roller #2, 3 Roll, Lortz+Bredeniek, Year 1975/2002

Hydrostatic Test Press, Lortz+Bredeniek, Year 1975/2008

Ultrasonic Testing System year 2011

Uniweld X-Ray System Year 2008

Irle Pipe End Lathe, 2 Facing Stations,  Year 1974/2002

Schlager Annealing Furnace Year 2012

Plate Roller #3, 6000mm Width x 100mm Thickness,  4500mm Diameter, Year 1975/1991/2002

1500 Ton Straightening Press Year 1977,

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