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Spiral Pipe Mills

WELDED TUBE AND PIPE MILLS have been popular since modern flat rolled, or coiled, steel first make its way into the steel business more than a century ago.

The tube mill is really a series of individual machines starting with an uncoiler, straightener, shear and end welder – commonly known as the entry line. The forming mill consists of a break down section and forming section, usually consisting of three to six passes. Each pass made up of a upper and lower arbor that contains roller die tooling which forms the steel strip gradually into a round shape. This process is carried on through the fin passes which get the newly formed tube ready to weld. In the weld box the tube is welded by a high frequency or solid state welder. The inner and outer bead may be removed, before the four-to-six stand sizing section, where tube is made dimensionally accurate, or formed further into a square or rectangle. The final process cuts the new pipe to length, where it can be bundled in a magazine.

Galaxie is one of the world's largest dealers in used pipe and tube mills. From structural to API mills, we have handled them all for more than two decades. Abbey Etna, Yoder, Mckay, Mannesman, Seuthe, Driestern, Oto Mills, Kusakabe, Nakata, Turek and Heller, and MTM are some of the top manufacturers we have inventoried. Contact Galaxie today with your tube and pipe mill requirements and our sales engineers will match a machine to your needs.