60" x .250" x 50,000lbs Loopco Loop Slitting Line

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Slitting Lines

L Type Entry Coil Car


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L Type Entry Coil Car

50,000# Max Coil Weight
Coil ID: 20" to 24"
Coil OD: 72” Maximum
Entry Loopco Pinch Rolls
Entry Adjustable Edge Guides
Entry Loopco Crop Shear
Loopco Swinger Design Slitting Head
8" Diameter Arbor
125HP DC Motor Drive
Two Scrap Winders
Pit Cross Over Table
Pad Type Loopco Tension Stand
Strip Separator
Coil OD: 72” Max
Coil ID: 20”
Exit L-Type Coil Car
Complete Line with Knives, Rubbers, and Spacers
Controls, Hydraulics, and Electrics