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Taper Pole Production Line NEW 2006 / 2012

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Produces Conical Poles, Polygonal Poles, Round Pipes, Taper Poles
Diameter: 190mm - 820mm (dependent on shape)
Conical Pole
Thickness:  2mm - 10mm
OD:  463mm - 190mm
Polygonal Pole
Thickness:  2mm - 20mm
OD:  820mm - 190mm
Round Pipe
Thickness:  8mm - 20mm and 8mm - 38mm
OD:  32" - 16"
Taper Pole Specifications
OD:  Top = 190 Degrees & Bottom = 463 Degrees
Length:  2,450mm - 16,000mm
Thickness:  10mm
Entry Coil Line Featuring: 
Double Cone Uncoiler
5 Roll Flattener with Entry Pinch Rolls
Edge Trimmer with Dual Rotary Scrap Choppers
Conveyor Section / Run-Out
YSD Shearing Machine: Model HGSK 16,000, Maximum Cutting Length:  16,000mm (52'), Max Thickness:  13mm
Plate Inverter Tables & Conveyor
(2) 2400 Ton YSD Hydraulic Press Brakes  (48000 KN): Model 2-HPC 2400/85, Max Bending Length:  2450mm - 16,000mm, Max Bending Width:  590mm - 2,600mm, Max Bending Thickness:  38mm, Ram 2 x 2 Synchronized Cylinders, PLC and Servo Motor
Exit Conveyor
(2) CMF Welding Machines: Esab 1250A DC and Esab 1250A AC, Taper Pole: 190mm - 820mm Diameter, Polygonal Section Shaft: 8 Sides
Loading System: Loading in Carriage after Forming
Large Quantity of Dies
Shuttle System for Die Loading
Digital Readouts and Controls
Digital Drives
PLC Controls
Variable Frequency Drives
Complete Line with Hydraulics, Electrics and Controls

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