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78" (2000mm) x .512" (13mm) x 60,000# SMS/Sundwig Cassette Cut to Length Line

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Coil Weight 60000 pounds
Width 78 inches
Thickness .512 inches

Equipped With

Manufacturer: SMS/Sundwig
Thickness Range: 3 to 13mm
 Direction Right to Left
 Decoiler: (1963- Automation 1997)
Max. Speed 36m/min
Min/Max Strip width 700-2030mm
Min/Max Thickness 2.8-13.2mm
(Bulb plate 3.0-10.0mm)
Cutting length 500-16000mm
Try-out table length500mm
Infeed speed 10m/min
Pass line 1000/970mm
Complete Line with the Following Components:
1. Coil Car
2. Uncoiler
5.Finish Straightener
6. Double Edge Trimming Shear
7.Rotating Dividing Shear with Chop shear 
Manipulator to change the knives
8.Plate Handling & Inspection & Vaculift option to exit rejected plate
9.1 Leveller 11 Rolls, diam. 125/115 mm; 154 Back-Up Rolls, diam 130 mm; max opening (gap) 100 mm; speed 30/45 M/Min; Levelling Pressure 6.500 kN; main drive 0-199kW
9.2 Two Spare Leveling Cassettes
10. Flaser Type Flatness checking unit
11. Marking unit
12. 1 Plate Transport + exit
12.2 Plate Surface Oil unit (top + Bottom)
13. Plate Stacking System Spreader bridge with lifting magnets
14. Lifting Bed and Steel Strap Dispenser 1996

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