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72" (1800mm) x 1" (25.4mm) Blohm & Voss (2 Step) API Spiral Pipe Mill with 2 Off-Line Welding System

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Diameter 24ö to 72ö (original 16ö to 130ö)
*Capable of 130"*
Wall 0.250ö to 1.000ö
Grade up to X80
Pipe Length 12.2 to 24.4 m
Uhrhan & Schwill, Z5 control, 4 x DC1000 capacity (2017)
Upgrade of fly welding of coils(2011)
Upgrade 2 edge milling units (4 heads in total)
1 unit PWS, 600 mm diameter head, 110 KW per head (2006)
1 unit PRD/Cagil 600 mm diameter head, 79 KW per head (2012)
Change to cage forming (instead of inside support) PRD (2016)
Upgrade to add mid forming roll, PRD (2015)
Off line welding lines (2 lines) Uhrhan & Schwill 2017
Thickness 0.250ö to 1.000ö
Pipe Grade up to X80
Pipe Length 12.2 to 25 m
Welding Equipment / Control (Lincoln Electric / U&S)
2 arc external welding head (2 x DC1000 + AC1500)
3 arc internal welding head (2 x DC1000 + AC1500 + AC1500)
Steitz Flux heating and recovery system (internal and external)

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