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5" (127mm) x 5.5mm Voest Alpine Tube Mill With Mair Packaging Line

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Tube Dia 5 inches
Max. Wall Thickness 5.5 millimeters

Equipped With

Year: 1994
Production Program:
Round Tubes: min. 33.7mm max. 127.0 mm
Square Tubes: min. 25x25mm max. 100x100 mm
Rectangular Tubes: min. 20x30mm max. 120x80mm
Thickness: min. 1.5mm max 5.5mm
Production Speed: max. 100m/min
Welder: Solid State HF Thermatool 350 KW
Mair Packaging Machine
Strip Separation
Coil Charging Crane 7.5t
Strip Welding Machine
Spiral Accumulator
Hydraulic Station
Profiling Machine
2 Entry Stands
CTA Stand
Welding Machine
Galvanizing Machine OSY HESLER for the Welding of Pre-Galvanized Tubes
Emulsion Cooling Line
Calibrating Machine
4 Calibrating Stands
3 Intermediate Stands
2 Turks Heads
Eddy Current Testing Equipment – PRUFTECHNIK AG
Flying Saw: Hot Cut
Packaging Machine (Mair) Including Strapping and Weighting Machines
Full Sets of Rolls for Many Dimensions
Two Stands for Quick Change

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