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2000mm x 3.2mm x 60,000# Bronx High Speed Cut-To-Length Line


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Coil Weight 30000 tons
Width 79 inches
Thickness .125 inches
ID 30 inches
Max OD 79 inches

Equipped With

Thickness Range:  3.2mm - .5mm
Coil Width:  2000mm - 600mm
Coil OD:  2100mm
Coil ID:  508mm , 610mm , 760mm
Sheet Length:  4500m - 600mm   (6000mm Possible)
Pack Weight:  5 Tons
Line Speed:  90 Meters/Min
Cuts Per Minute:  60
Complete Line With:  
2 Coil Storage
Coil Car
Double Stub Mandrel Uncoiler
4 Leaf Hydraulic Expansion
Drag Brakes 
Feed Up Drive
Sliding Base
North American Edge Control
Hold Down Roll
Peeler Table
4 Roll Coil Breaker  Feeder
Edge Trimmer / Scrap Baller
19 Roll Precision Leveler
9 Flights Top & Bottom Back-Ups
LVDT Roll Positions
Entry Pinch Rolls
Motorized Tilt 
Motorized Open & Close
Pinch Roll Stand
Looping Pit Cascade Rolls
Looping Pit Cross Over Table
Precision Measuring Roll
Backed Up
Entry Edge Guides
50 KW AC Motor
Air Clutch 
High Speed Shear
Twin Belt Gauging Table
Double Stacker
Motorized End Stop
Side Discharge
Tilting Side Squaring
Motorized Conveyor Rolls
Emerson Control Techniques Digital Drives
Touch Screen Readouts

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