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17" (435mm) 4 HI Copper Reversing Mill

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Capacity (W) 17 inches

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Supplier And Maker: KOBE STEEL LTD.(Japan)
Year Of Manufacturing: 1987
Material To Be Rolled: Copper and Copper Alloy
Thickness Max.: 3.5mm
Width: 260 - 435mm (Min 250mm)
ID: 400mm W/O Attachment
      500mm C/W Attachment
OD: 800 -  1,450mm
Weight: Max. 4,000kg
Finished Coil: Thickness : 0.10mm
ID: 400mm ( Pay Off Reed 400 , 500  )
OD: 800 -  1,450mm
Type: 4 High Reversing Hydraulic Push Up System
Work Roll: 180(Dia)-520(L) (7" Diameter X 20.5" Wide)
Back Up Roll: 510(Dia)-500(L) (20" Diameter X 20" Wide)
Rolling Force: Max. 300 Ton
Screw Down Speed: Max. 3mm/Sec.
Rolling Speed: 150/450 Mpm
Threading Speed: 20 Mpm
Rolling Coolant: Mineral Oil, 700 Li/Min. , Single Type
Drive Motor: DC 450kw / 0-500/1,500rpm
Supamic Filter: 1,071ea , 300 G/Ea.  12,000 Liter
Rolling Oil Tank
Dirty Tank: 7,000 Liter
Clean Tank: 3,000 Liter

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