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1600 Ton Double Action Komatsu Press (2 Available)



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Capacity and Major Dimensions Maximum Capacity: 1000 Inner, 600 Blank Holder Rating Point: 12mm Inner, 6mm Blank Holder Shut Height: 1750mm Inner, 1550mm Blank Holder Slide Adjustment: 500mm Inner, 500mm Blank Holder Number of Slide Strokes: 8 - 16 RPM Number of Working Strokes: 6 - 12 SPM Inside Distance Between Uprights: 4100mm Bolster Area (LR x FB x T): 4000mm x 2150mm x 300mm Slide Area (LR x FB): 3500mm x 1650mm Inner, 4000mm x 2150mm Blank Holder Balancer Capacity: 15 Tons Inner, 20 Tons Blank Holder Electric Power Source: 375 KVA Air Pressure: 5kg/cm² MICRO INCHING DEVICE Capacity: Full Tonnage Speed: 1 spm Moving Bolster Loading Weight: 40 Tons Moving Speed: 12m/min Working Energy (Intermittent): 8-12 SPM, 43 t-m Die Cushion Type: Air 1 Pad, 2 Cylinders Capacity: 200 Tons Air Pressure: 5 kg/cm² Stroke: 250mm Pad Area: 3100mm x 1500mm Main Motor Output: DC 150 KW

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