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140mm Diameter 12 Station Centerless Loeser Grinding and Polishing Line

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Workpiece Incoming Dimensions:

diameter:                                20 - 140 mm

length:                                    5 - 6 meter (modification to 8 meters to be discussed)

Production Requirements:
Production time 6000 hours per year
12 Stations are configured for the use of belts 3500 x 150 and also for wheels 400 x 150 mm

Machine description:

Machine complete including:

- Machine
-Roller guide RPS 376 model
-Heavy duty pinch roll system

Machine direction:
from right to left - could be modified in case required

Technical data Model RPS 376:

Power supply:                       380/400 V, 50 Hz

Belt drive:                              11 kW per station RPS 376                                   

Contact wheel:                     400 mmx 150 mm                          

Feed motor:                          0,37 kW

Electric components:           SIEMENS

Abrasive belt:                        3500 x 150 mm

Controls:                                Central operator panel 

Cooling:                                 with coolant 5%

Quick diameter adjustment

Bar travel speed adjustment

Individual operation of stations

Quick release of grinding station for tube passing

Belt break emergency system

Loeser special roller guide design

Machine housing:
Machine housing consists of 2 cabins each 6 station for the grinding version

Special corrosion protection and paintings

Filtering system

Roller guide for the RPS 376
6 meters length.
The transport system is mounted on a strong steel frame.

Loading/unloading tables

Electric equipment and electronics:

PLC controls SIEMENS S7. Siemens frequency driver. Communication is done via Profibus. OP-panel Windows based. Inductive sensors should be “IFM electronic”.

Software in German

An electric cabinet has PLC components and is connected with a control board via profibus (net).

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