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5" (127mm) x 4mm ERW Tube Mill - NEW

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Tube Diameter 5 inches
Max. Wall Thickness .15 inches

Equipped With

Round Pipe OD: Ø 48mm - 127mm 
Square Profile: 38.1mm x 38.1mm – 101.6mm x 101.6mm
Rectangle Profile: 25.4mm x 50.8mm – 50.8mm x 152.4mm
Thickness: 0.80mm – 4mm
Tube Length: 4 meters - 8 meters
Coil Type: Hot Coil, Cold Coil, Galvanized Coil
Tensile Strength: 650 N/mm2 – Mpa
Yield point: 355 N/mm2 – Mpa (50,000 Psi)
Strip width: Max 400mm
OD Tolerance: ± 0.15mm
Accuracy: 1mm at 1 meter/length
Length Tolerance: - 0 / + 1mm
Coil OD: 1000mm - 2000mm
Coil ID: 470mm - 610mm
Accumulator speed: 100 meter/min
Line Speed: 180 meter/min
Line Direction: Left to Right or Right to Left
Line Height: 1100mm (Height from ground of line axis)
Power Supply Voltage: 440 VAC /3 phase/ 60 Hz
Strip Weight: 10,000kg x 2
Air Temperature: -15 °C  / +45°C
Compressed Air Pressure: 5-7 kg/cm², 1000 l/min
Hydraulic Oil Pressure: 120 bar / 80 – 130 kg/cm²
HF Welder Power: 400 Kw
Form Group Motor: 160 Kw AC
Accumulator Power: 132 Kw
Caliber Group Motor: 160 Kw AC
SAW Power: 50 Kw
Total Power: 950 Kw
This power is the total electrical power of the line. 70% of the total power will be used during production.
Complete Line Featuring the Following Components:
Strip Uncoiler
Crop and Strip Joining Group
Horizontal Strip Accumulator
Strip Entry Leveling
Forming Group
Guiding Rolls/Seam Guide
Welding Group and Chip Removing
Zinc arc spray machine and filter system
H.F. Solid State Welding Machine
Scrap Winder
Cooling Tunnel
Calibration /Sizing Group
Turks Heads (Profiling-Straightening Group)
Cold Saw Group
Electrical and Electronic Systems
Hydraulic Group
Spare Parts

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