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10" 4-HI Waterbury Farrel Temper Pass Mill

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Width 10 inches

Equipped With

Manufacturer:     Waterbury Farrel Co 
Reduction Capacity: .005" Each Pass
Non-Reversing Design
Complete with the Following:
Mandrel Uncoiler
Hydraulic Expansion
16" (406mm) to 20" (508mm) ID
60" (1500mm) OD
Sliding Base
Mill Stand
4-HI Configuration
Mill Traction by Driven Back Up Rolls
2 1/2" (63.5mm) Diameter Work Roll 
10" (254mm) Roll Face
8" (203mm) Diameter Back Up Roll
10" (254mm) Back Up Roll Face
40 HP AC Motor Drive 
Motorized Screw Downs
16" (406mm) to 20" (508mm) ID
11" (280mm) Drum Face
60" (1500mm) OD
Hydraulic Drum
40HP AC Motor Drive
Complete with Controls

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