3.5" (89mm) x .125" (3.2mm) Abbey Etna Stainless Laser Tube Mill Line with Quick Change Raft System

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Max. OD: 3.5"
Max Wall: .125"
Spindle Diameter: 2.5"
Welding Capacity: 5KW Laser
Max Mill Speed: 50FPM
Mill Direction: Left to Right
Littell Double End Uncoiler, Coil Weight: 6,000lbs
Kent Corp. Semi-Automatic Shear End Welder
Entry 4 Double Sided Adjustable Edge Guides
3 Forming Stands
Single Point Adjustments
Spindle Diameter: 2.5"
*Rafted 3 Forming Stands
3 Side Idle Stands
2 Fin Stands
Single Point Adjustments
*Rafted 2 Fin Stands
20HP Reliance DC Motor Drive for Forming and Sizing
Fin Hydraulic Transfer Rafted Base
Optional: Rofin Sinar 880HF Laser Welder
Koolant Koolers Chiller
4 Sizing Stands
Single Point Adjustments
*Rafted 4 Sizing Stands
Sizing Hydraulic Transfer Rafted Base
20 HP Reliance DC Motor Drive
Rotary Flying Cut Off
Max Cut Length: 20FT
Min Cut Length: 2FT
Run Out Table
Hoffman Emulsion Coolant Filtration System
PABCO Main Hydraulic Unit
5 Sets of Rolls
Spare Parts for Mill, Welder and Misc. Components
NO Controls or Electronics Included