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6.625" x .375" T&H Lemont API / OCTG Pipe Mill Line with Mair Finishing Floor Year 2008


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Tube Diameter 6 inches
Max. Wall Thickness .375 inches

Equipped With

6.625" x .375" API / OCTG Pipe Mill Line with Mair Finishing Floor
Model No. WU60-10

Complete Plant With:
Thermatool Pipe Mill Line, Mair Finishing Floor, Inspectech Testing Equipment, Tooling, Spare Parts
ID Scarfing, 500 KW Thermatool Solid State Welder

Mill Shaft Diameter: 6”

Motors & Drives:
Forming: 250 HP AC Motor (4 Speed Gear Box)
Finn Pass: 250 HP AC Motor (4 Speed Gear Box)
Sizing: 250 HP AC Motor (4 Speed Gear Box)

Thickness Range: .160" - 375"
Mill Speed: 300 FPM
Yield 80,000 PSI Max
Products: 5L , X52 , OCTG , J55 , K55
Tooling: 2.375", 3.500", 4.500", 5.500", 6.625"
COIL ID: 20” TO 24”
COIL OD: 42” TO 72”
COIL WEIGTH: 22,000 #

Royalton-entry equipment
Double swivel uncoiler.
Automatic outboard coil retainer,
Double peeler / Double hold-down roll.
5 Roll Inclined Straightener with Entry & Exit Pinch Rolls
Shear & End Welder

Line electrics with automatic tension control cabinet unit and sequencing feature.

T&H Lemont model 600/7 Horizontal Accumulator
Allen Bradley Touch Screen Controls

Mechanical tube mill (T&H Lemont WU60-10)
Universal Drive Mill
T&H Lemont Edge Prep Station
Inspectech Ultrasonic Entry Strip Tester
4 Forming Stands
3 Finn Pass Stands
500 KW Thermatool CFI Solid State Welder
ID / OD Scarfing
Inspectech Weld Monitoring System
Virtual Macro Weld Control System
Motorized 2 Roll Seam Orientation

(2) 500 KW Thermatool Seam Annealers
1500 KVA Transformer
Cooling Trough
Water Quench
Cooling Units

3 Sizing Stands
3 Side Idler Rolls Stands
Exit Straightening Stand
In Line Ultrasonic Tester

T&H Lemont S-170 flying cut off saw
Touch Screen Controls
100 HP Rack & Pinion Accelerator

50' Run Out Table
Side Discharge Reject Table

Ibis flash monitoring and weld profiling test system.
On-line four channel flaw detections test system
Off-line four channel weld line ultrasonic test system.
Scope of supply-inspectech,

Complete Mair Finishing Floor Year 2008
Finishing / testing tube line.
Mair Saw machine
Flattening testing system
Beveling machine 1 Model TFA8/S/15
Beveling machine 2 Model TFA8/S/15
Washing machine (3 Heads)
Hydrostatic Tester (3 Heads) Model PT3/168/511/15
Dual Head Inspectech Off Line Ultrasonic Tester
Automatic Mair Packaging Line

Tooling, Spare Parts, Touch Screen Controls,
Digital Drives, Hydraulics, PLC, Drawings and Manuels

Cooling tower # 1
Cooling tower # 2
Cooling tower # 3
Cooling tower # 4 /
additional to improve speed of mill.
Air compressor # 1
Air compressor # 2
Air dryer compressor # 1
Air dryer compressor # 2
Electric substation # 1
Electric substation # 2
Seam annealing system
10 ton crane

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