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2" - 6" API Pipe Mill Line with Mair Finishing Floor


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Tube Diameter 6 inches
Max. Wall Thickness .375 inches

Equipped With

2" - 6" API Pipe Mill Line with Mair Finishing Floor
Complete Plant With:
Thermatool Pipe Mill Line,
Inspectech Testing Equipment,
Mair Finishing Floor

Products: 5L , X52 , OCTG , J55 , K55
Tooling: 2" , 3" , 4' , 5" , & 6"
COIL ID: 20” TO 24”
COIL OD: 42” TO 72”
COIL WEIGTH: 22,000 #

Royalton-entry equipment
Double swivel uncoiler.
Automatic outboard coil retainer,
Double peeler hold-down roll.
Top and bottom five
(5) roll alligator flattener to strip.
Coll end joiner welder.
50 gpm hydraulic power unit.
Line electrics with automatic tension control cabinet unit and sequencing feature.

T&h lemont model 600/7 accumulator station to feed the mill

Mechanical tube mill (T&H Lemont wu60-10).

T&H Lemont wu60-10 pipe mill system station.
T&H Lemont ac mill drive electrics with transmissions.
Motorized seam orientation stand-
50' double dump table.
Hydraulic id scarfing systems.
Roll tooling forming

Thermatool Variable frequency welder fi 500 kw solid state
1,000 kw 1 khz seam annealing system each (2 units)
S-170 flying cut off saw
Cf v 500 variable frequency induction welder
Ibis flash monitoring and weld profiling test system.
On-line four channel flaw detections test system
Off-line four channel weld line ultrasonic test system.
Scope of supply-inspectech,

upgrade of existing offline ut system to reduce cycle time (add a second test head).

Finishing / testing tube line.
Mair Saw machine
Flattening testing system
Pipe Finishing Line
Driven Roll Away Conveyor
Collecting Cradle
Conveying Accumulation System
Test Tube Cutting Station
Scarf Removal Station with Swarf Chopper
Chamfering Machine Model TFA8/S/15 + SRS219/2/15
Year 2008
Diameter Range 2.375" - 6.625"
Wall Thickness: .160" - .375"
Tube Length: 20' - 48'
12 Tubes per Minute Max Capacity
Walking Beam Conveyor
Both Ends Chamfering at a Single Time
Digital Axis Control
Linear Ball Guides
Chip Conveyor
Beveling machine
#1 Beveling machine
#2 Washing machine

(3 heads) Mair Hydrostatic Testing Machine
(3 testing heads)
Model PT3/168/511/15
Year 2008
Diameter Range 2.375" - 6.625"
Wall Thickness: .160" - .375"
Tube Length: 20' - 48'
Test Pressure: 511 bar max (7300 PSI)
Siemens PLC S7
Reciprocating Piston Pump 266 litres , 500 bar operating pressure.
Walking Beam Conveyor
Internal Rinse
Final inspection area

Automatic tube packing line
Uv paint system
Cooling tower # 1
Cooling tower # 2
Cooling tower # 3
Cooling tower # 4 /
additional to improve speed of mill.
Air compressor # 1
Air compressor # 2
Air driver compressor # 1
Air driver compressor # 2
Electric substation # 1
Electric substation # 2
Seam annealing system
10 ton crane

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