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Zappa/Siemag Slitting Line with Coil Banding Line

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year 1984/2006
strip width 400 – 1.550 mm
strip thickness 0,4 - 3 mm
No. of slits/strip thickness 30/0,6 mm, 10/2,5 mm
slit strip width min. 30 mm
reference material (tensile strength) 420 N/mm²
coil OD max. 1.800 mm
coil weight max. 25 t
speed max. 150 m/min
working direction left -> right
The line consists of:
 coil car underfloor
 decoiler with hold-down arm, shifting base plate
and mandrel support
mandrel  (with segments) 508/610 mm
expansion hydraulic
hold-down arm hydraulic
hold-down roller driven
transversal movement hydraulic
mandrel support hydraulic
 strip centering control EMG
 coil opener/pinch roll unit/crop shear
telescopic table hydraulic
No. of pinch rolls 2
quick lifting pinch rolls hydraulic
crop shear hydraulic
 carry-over table
 slitting stand with turnstile for changing set of blades
blade shaft  180 mm
blade  275 mm
blade clamping hydraulic nuts
blade shaft adjustment electromechanical
main drive 75 kW
No. of changing places 3
movement hydraulic/manual
 scrap baller
scrap width 5 - 40 mm
 looping pit equipment with carry-over car
felt brake pneumatic
roller brake
pinch rolls 2
crop shear hydraulic
oil unit 0,5 - 3 g/cm²
 recoiler with separating shaft and stripper plate
mandrel  508/610 mm
expansion/clamping hydraulic
separating arm hydraulic
stripper plate hydraulic
main drive 95 kW
 coil car underfloor
 turnstile 4 arms
 downender hydraulic
 centering roller table
 banding station semi-automatic
strip clasp 2 welding spots
No. of straps 1 - 4
 magnetic lifter
 carrousel 4 places
 exit roller table and weighing roller table
 tilting table
 electrics Siemens S7

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