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Direct Forming Tube Welding Line Year 2007 Model FCF 400 / 6.0 - 100 FCF

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FCF 400 / 6.0 - 100 FCF

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Tube Diameter 4 inches
Max. Wall Thickness .24 inches

Equipped With

Flexible Cold Forming Rafted Mill with Spare Set of Rafts
Year 2007
Auto Tooling Change
Mair Packaging Line
Thermatool Solid State Welder

Featuring: Octagonal Shape Forming Tooling for the Solar Panel Industry

Strip Width: 150mm - 400mm
Strip Thickness: 1.5mm - 6.0mm
Tensile Strength: 500N/mm2
Line Speed: 100 Meters

Max Square: 100mm x 100mm
Square Min: 40mm x 40mm
Rectangular Hollow Section: Min 60mm x 40mm / Max 120mm x 80mm
Tube Lengths: 4 Meter / 8 Meter

Auto Tooling Change for Squares & Rectangles
Coil Weight Capacity: 20,000#
Coil ID: 508mm - 608mm
Coil OD: 1500mm - 1900mm

Mandrel Uncoiler
Hydraulic Expansion
Hold Down Roll
Top & Bottom Ride Rolls
Coil Car
Peeler Hold Down Roll

Flattener Roll 6 Roll Design
Entry Pinch Rolls
Ultrasonic Sensor

Shear & End Welder
Double Cut Shear
Strip Clamp
Welding Gap Adjustment

Horizontal Accumulator
Forming & Welding Squares and Rectangles
FCF Direct Forming Mill Rafted Design with Spare Raft
Auto Tooling Adjustment
2 Entry Edge Guide Stands
FCF Block 1 with Auto Tooling Change
3 Roller Stands
U Profile Forming
Intermediate Stand / Pinch Roll Stand
FCF Block 2 with Auto Tooling Change
3 Roller Stands C Profile Forming
FCF Block 3 with Auto Tooling Change
3 Roller Stands
Final Forming
3 Intermediate Stands
(3) 79.5 KW DC Drives

Rafted Base for Octagonal Forming. (Replaces FCF Stands 2 and 3)
8 Stand Octagonal Forming Mill on a Rafted Base.
8 Side Idler Rolls
Single Point Adjustment
Universal Drive Mill

350 kW Thermatool Solid State Welder
Pruftechnik Eddy Current Tester Model Eddycheck 5 with Digital Readout
Leibinger Jet 3 Printing

FCF Sizing Stands
4 Driven Stands
4 Roll Design
Motorized Roll Adjustments
151 KW DC Drtive
2 Turks Heads with with Motorized Adjustment
Flying Cold Saw Cut Off
151 KW DC Rack & Pinion Accelerator
18.5 KW AC Saw Motor
Variable Hydraulic Clamping Pressure

Mair Packaging Line
Driven Rollway Conveyor Model VIA200/120 with Reject Collection
Packaging Machine Model SQ90/D/4/SL
Tube Orientation Devive
Packaging Arms for Stacking Rows of Tubes
Bundle Formation Table Bundle
Transfer Conveyor with Storage Chains
Drainage Station with Bundle Tilting
Weighing Station Model KG8/DY
Management Information System
Model Datapack 6/T Siemens
Touch Screen Operator Control Station
Siemens S7 PLC


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