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Comecel Model LST155/2 Polisher


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Tube Diameter: 19mm - 90mm
Length of Tube: 3,000mm - 6,400mm
Motor Spindle: HP 5, 5 a112 b5 4Poli 380V
Motor Belt: HP 5, 5 a112 b5 4Poli 380V
Rotation Spindle: 220 U/minute
Belt Speed: 30 M/minute
Belt Expansion: 100 x 1500
Hydraulic Takeoff Pressure: 40 Bar, unit of pressure
Pneumatic Takeoff Pressure: 6 Bar, unit of pressure
Tube Speed Bundle Distance: 20 M/minute, max.
Tube Speed Load Device: 0 to 8 M/minute, max.
Tube Speed Uploader: 20 M/minute
Hydraulic Motor: HP 7.5 4Poli B5
Hydraulic Pump: Ingr. 63 L/minute
Reservoir: 250 Liter
Machine Connected Voltage: 110V
Voltage Control: 380V, 50 Hz, 35 to 40 kW
Work Height: 1200mm (47")

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