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C Channel Rollform Line

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Number of Stands 13
Vert Centers 15 centimeters

Equipped With

C Channel Line
Thickness Range:  .8mm - 3.2mm
Coil Strip Width:  100mm - 260mm
Line Speed:  70 meters/min
Pieces Per Minute @ 6 Meter Length:  7 to 15
Size Range:
Channel Width:  75mm - 150mm
Channel Height:  40mm - 75mm
Return:  10mm - 20mm

Mandrel Uncoiler
Butt Welding Station
Horizontal Accumulator
Filling Speed:  300 Meters/ Min
Forming Mill
2 Sets Entry Edge Guides
13 Stand Forming Mill
6 Side Idler Roll Stands
Universal Drive Gear Boxes
15 cm Vertical Adjustment
2 Turks Heads / Straightening Stands
75 KW DC Drive
Matthew’s Ink Jet Marking Machine
Parker DC590 Series 2 Digital Drive
Flying Saw Cut-Off
Concor CD-D Digital Saw Controller
Yaskawa H1000 Digital Drive
18.5 kw AC Saw Motor
15 kw AC Carriage Accelerator Motor
Run Out Table
Side Discharge 
Bundle Packing Table
Bundle Stacking  Table 

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