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800 Ton Clearing-Innse High Speed Complete Blanking Line

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Capacity 800 tons

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Manufacturer: Clearing-Innse
Revamped in 2001
Line Direction: Left to Right
Class One Material Automotive Skins/Exposed
Coils of: Cold rolled steel, High Strength Steel Type HSLA
Blank Length up to 2000mm
Size of Stacking Device:
Length: 9,600mm
Width: 2,250mm
Height: 4,900mm
Height for Taking Over is 1,500mm From Upper Edge
Blank Piece Number: 20-60 pieces per minute
Blank Thickness: 0.5mm - 3mm
Blank Width: 400mm - 2000mm
Blank Length: 100mm - 2000mm
Complete Line with the Following Components:
Mandrel Uncoiler
30 Ton Weight Capacity
4 Roll Straightener
6-HI Wilhelmsburger Corrective Precision Leveler
Coil Servofeeder
Crop Shear
800ton Blanking Press
Stroke: 400mm
Material Thickness: 0.5mm - 2mm
Bed Size Area: 3,500mm x 2,000mm
Speed: 15 - 60 SPM
(2) Moving Bolsters
Moving Bolter Move Out- Upright Left Direction
Trapezoid Angle: 30 Degrees
SIKU Double Stacker
Loading Capacity: 12,000 daN
Useable Stroke: 800mm
Rotation of Swinging Platform: 360 degree Left and Right Handed in 30 Sec.
Travel Way: 4000mm in 25 seconds
Rotation Range: 360 degree L-R
Siemens Electronics
Complete with Electrics, Controls, Hydraulics and Manuals

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