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74" x .375" x 55,000lbs Hydrochloric Push Pull Pickle Line

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Thickness Range: .500” to .045”
Line Direction:Left to Right
Complete Line With the Following Components:
3-Coil Pusher Type Ramp or Rack
Coil Loader
30 MT Capacity Double-End Cone Uncoiler with Large Wichita Heavy-Duty Air Cooled Brakes
 Peeler and Hold Down Roll
Hydraulic Cropping Shear and Conveyor Rollers
 Pre-Clean and Pre-Heat Section with Heavy-Duty Squeegee Rolls
Multiple Stage Scrubber for Clean Atmosphere
Multiple Stage Hot Water Rinse Section with Heavy-Duty Squeegee Rolls for Minimum Water Use
Chevron Air Blow-Off System (After Rinse Section)
 Oiling Rolls and Tension Bridle Roll Combination with Primary Oiling System for Oil or Dry Pickling
Mechanically/Hydraulically Actuated Edge Guides and Starting Guides on Carry-Over Conveyors
Squaring/Cropping Shear
 Oil Tank, Pump, and Recovery System
Threading Table with Bridle Rolls
 Recoiler with Automatic Edge Control and Hold Down Roll
Floor Type Coil Car
Digital Scale to Interface with Computer System
Boiler with Water Softener
Rinse Water pH Control
Storage and Holding Tank with Pumps and Piping
Testing Laboratory
Lubrication System and Wear Components
Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Installed and Running


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