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63.5mm x 4.0mm DMC Tube Mill Line with Packaging Line NEW 2012

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Tube Diameter 2.5 inches
Max. Wall Thickness 0.157 inches

Equipped With

Max Strip Weight: Max: 4,600 kg each side
Raw Material
: Hot Rolled Steel Coil
Tensile Strength of Coil: Max: 42.0 kg/mm²
Strip Width: Min: 68mm Max: 200mm
O.D. of Strip: Min: 1,200mm Max: 2,000mm
I.D. of Strip: 508mm  610mm
Tube DIA: Min: 21.7mm Max: 63.5mm
Wall Thickness: Min: 4,000mm Max: 4.0mm
Tube Length: Min: 4,000mm Max: 12,000mm
Line Speed: Min: 25 m/min Max: 120 m/min
Electric Power Source: AC 380Volt, 3Phase, 60cps   AC 220Volt, 2Phase, 60cps

Double End Uncoiler with Coil Guide
Max Strip Weight: Max: 4,600 kg each side
Coil Inner Diameter: 508mm

Shear & End Welder
Blade Material: SKD-11(JIS)
Type: Down Shear Blade
Welding: Co2 Welder

Vertical Strip Accumulator
Type: Doubling winding
Strip Width: Max: 200mm
Mill Speed: Max: 130mpm
Strip Feeding Speed: Max: 310mpm
Winding Power: DC. 15 kW x 650-2000rpm
Entry Unit, Spiral Drum Unit, Inner Basket Unit, Outer Basket (winding drum), Exit Unit, Controller
Controller: DC Drive: Parker, PLC Control: LG

Forming Section
Stand Arrangement:  BD1+BDS1+BD2+BDS2+BD3+BDS#+BD4+SC1+FP1+FPS1+FP2+FPS2+FP3+FPS3+FP4+SG
Forming Composition: a) Guide Roll b) Side Guide Roll c) Forming Stand d) Forming Side Cluster e) Fin Pass Stand f) Fin Pass side Cluster g) Seam Guide h) Driving Gear Box i) D.C. Motor for forming
Welding Section
Stand Arrangement: SQG+SQ+BS+IR
SQ: Squeeze Roll Stand
BS: Bead Scarfing Stand
IR: Ironing Stand
2 Rolls Squeeze Stand

Sizing Section
Stand Arrangement: SS1+S1+SS2+S2+SS3+S3+SS4+S4+MR+TH1+TH2+PO
SS: Sizing Side Cluster Roll Stand (Ilde)
S: Sizing Roll Stand (Driven)
MR: Measuring Roll Stand (Idle)
TH: Turks Head Stand
Sizing Composition: a) Sizing Stand and PO b) Sizing Side Roll Stand c) Single-Turks head d) Measuring Roll e) Driving gear box f) D.C. Motor for Sizing

Cold Saw Cut-Off M/C
Type: Flying Cold Saw Type
Cutter Travelling Length: Approx. 4,000mm
Travelling Device; Type: NSD Drive System Drive Motor: AC. 32.2 kW servo motor
Cut-off Device; Saw: 400 x 2.5t cold saw Saw Driven by AC Servo: AC servo motor 9.0kW x 3000rpm Tolerance of Cutting Length: ±1.0mm

Auto. Packing System
a) Attachment Chain Conveyor
b) Feeding Conveyor
c) Fork Feeder
d) Pusher
e) Lifting Pocket
f) Bundle Transfer Roll Feeder

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