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500 Ton Mueller Weingarten Blanking Line

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Tonnage 500 tons
Dimensions 4000mm x 2500mm
Weight 30 tons

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500 Ton Mueller Weingarten Blanking Line
Press Specifications:
Stroke Slide:  255mm
Adjustment:  140mm
SPM:  15 to 60
Die Height Max:  930mm
Die Height Min:  790mm
Die Height Standard:  800mm
Automatic Die Clamping
Bed Area:  4000mm x 2500mm
Dual Rolling Bolsters
Feed Line:
Coil Width:  2000mm - 500mm
Coil Thickness:  .5mm - 2.5mm
Coil Capacity:  30 Ton
Max Feed Length:  4000mm
Min Feed Length:  350mm
Complete Line Featuring:
2 Coil Storage Stations
Coil Loading Car
Mandrel Uncoiler with Sliding Base
Peeler Pinch Roll Unit
Crop Shear
Scrap Conveyor
15 Roll Precision Leveler
Flying Shear
Swing Shear with 30 Degree Swing
Dual Stackers with Dual Blank Shuttle Carts
Reject Station

Digital Drives and Controls

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