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50" (1250mm) x 1.2mm Hot Dip Continuous Galvanizing Line

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1250mm (50”) x 1.2mm Hot Dip Continuous Galvanizing Line
Year: Upgraded in 2006
Furnace Part: 1980 (Upgraded 2006)
Zink Pot: 1980 (Upgraded 2006)
Electrical: Motor & All Control Panel: New 2006
Utility & Fuel Supply: 2006
Pay Off Reel: Korea 2006
Shear Welder: MHI Japan
Recoiler: Hitachi, Japan
Skin Pass Mill & Tension Leveler: Hitachi, Japan
Furnace: Jugai-Ro, Japan
Melting Furnace: Hitachi, Japan
Line Speed: Max 150 MPM (130 MPM Normal Speed)
Applied Materials: Full Hard, CR
Coating Type: Zero Spangle
Finish: Cr-Free, Chromate
Production Capacity: 200,000 Ton / Year 2Shift
Production Availability:
Thickness: 0.2 - 1.2mm
Width: 700 – 1250mm
Unit Coil Weight: 22 Ton
Both-Side Coating Weight: 60 – 275 g/mm2
Outer Diameter:  2050mm
Complete Line with the Following Components:
Entry Coil Car with Skid (2)
Pay Off Reel with CPC (2)
Pinch Roller & Peeler Table
Double Pinch Roller & Peeler Table
Double Cut Shear & Feed Roller
Threading Table
Shear Welder with Side Guide
Tension Pad
#1 Bridler Roller with Guide Table
Entry Looper
#1 Steering Roller
#1 Load Cell
 #2 Steering Roller
#2 Bridle Roller
#1 Deflector Roll
Cleaning Tank (Alkali Tank, Brush Roller, Hot Rinse, Wringer Roll)
Hot Air Dryer
#3 Steering
#3 Bridle Roll
#2 Load Cell
Annealing Furnace
Cooling Chamber
Jet Cooling
Holding Furnace
Turn Down Roller
Zink Pot with Inductor (2), Snicker Roll, Stabilizing Roll
Air Knife
Tower Cooling
#1, 2 Top Roller
Mist Spray Cooling
Quenching Tank
Wringer Roll
Turn Down Roller
#5 Steering Roller
#6 Steering Roller
#4 Bridle Roller
#3 Load Cell
Skin Pass Mill
Tension Leveler with #5 & 6 Bridle Roller
Coating Thickness Gage
#4 Load Cell
Deflector Roller
Chromate Coater
Hot Air Dryer
Deflector Roller
#7 Steering Roller
#8 Steering Roller
Exit Looper
#5 Load Cell
#9 Steering Roller
#5 Bridle Roller
Dividing Shear
Deflector Roller with EPC
Tension Reel with Support
Exit Coil Car
Entry, Exit Hydraulic Control Unit
Electric Controller
Gas supply Tank
Gas Mixer: Scope of Supply Only 1 Set In 3 Set Total
Complete with Drawings, Electrics, Hydraulics and Controls
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