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5" (127mm) x .250" (6mm) MANNESMANN Rafted Cage Forming Tube Mill with MAIR Packaging Line

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Tube Diameter 5 inches
Max. Wall Thickness .250 inches

Equipped With

Manufacturer: Mannesmann Meer
Tube Diameter Range: 2.3" (60.3mm) to 5" (127mm)
Thickness Range: 0.078" (2mm) to .250" (6mm)
Square Range: 1.9" x 1.9" (50mm x 50mm) to 4" x 4" (100mm x100mm)
Production Rate: Approx 2000 Ton per month
Line Direction: Left to Right
Several Upgrades in Years 2011 and 2020
Complete Mill with the Following Components:
Floor Type Coil Car
Single Mandrel Uncoiler
16" (400mm) Mandrel Face
Hydraulic Mandrel Expansion
Hold Down Roll
Peeler Table
Entry Pinch Rolls
Automatic Shear End Welder (2011)
Genesis 3000 PMC Welder Power System
Horizontal Accumulator (2011)
(3) Double Sided Entry Edge Guides
(2) Pre- Forming Stands 
Single Point Adjustment
Mannesmann Cage Forming Cluster Rolls
80KW Motor Drive
(2) Fin Pass Rolls 
Single Point Adjustment
*Spare Raft Set
(1) Side Idle Roll
4 Roll Weld Box
Thermatool 350KW High Frequency Solid State Welder (2011)
OD Scarfing Unit
Cooling Section
(3) Sizing Stands
(3) Idle Side Rolls
Single Point Adjustments
80KW Motor Drive
*Spare Raft Set
(3) Single Sided Turks Heads
*Spare Raft Set
Mass Southe Cold Saw (2011)
Run Out Table (2011)
MAIR Automatic Packaging Line (Upgraded in 2020)
Complete Tube Mill with Controls, Electrics, Hydraulics and Large Amount of Tooling to make Rounds, Squares and Rectangulars

Complete Tooling List Available Upon Request
Installed and Running
Videos Available Upon Request

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