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49.5" (1250 mm) x 1.2mm Continuous Galvanizing Line

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Material & Line Specification
Strip thickness: 0.2~1.2mm
Strip width: 650~1250mm
In case of 1mm thickness: 100m/min
In case of 0.5mm thickness: 150m/min
Pinch Roller
Three Roller Type
Inlet Loop Car
Bridle Roller: 1400mm x 1219mm (steel)
Idle Roller
Tension Leveler
Type: 6hi Non-Operating leveler
Coil Thickness: 0.2 To 1.6mm
Line Speed: 30~150m/min
Skin Pass Mill
Work Roll: 305/325mm x 1500mm x2sets
Wet and Dry Skin Pass Possible
Back Up Roll: 610/650 x 1500mm
Rolling Type: Hydraulic, Constant Pressure
Rolling Force: Max 300ton
Elogation: Max 1.5%
Pay Off Reel
Coil Weight: 20ton
Chromate Treatment

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