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4.5" x 13.675" PMC Thread Line Model 469

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Equipped With

Custom built 4-stand tilted pipe feed rack.
Taylor Wilson facing units, double-ended. Each with hydraulic clamps, adjustable 24” diameter
faceplates, beveling heads, 75hp drive, individual head controls with line-up/transfer rollers, operator
stands and exit scrap conveyor.
4-Stand transfer pipe rack.
PMC Model 469 Threaders, double ended, external threading; each with infeed pipe
staging rollers, bi-directional; hydraulic clamping; retractable, reversible rolls; individual
head controls are on a stand-alone control stand with fault line indicators and emergency
stop; pit mounted chip conveyor.
Taylor Wilson spin-on-unit with pipe elevators/rotators.
Peck-O-Matic Model 811 Unit; 4.5” to 13.675” capacity; stand-alone operator stand,
incl. pressure gauges; fault line indicator and pipe rotating stand.
4-Stand Pipe Exit Conveyor; estimated 50’ long.
Hydraulic Control Room including hydraulic reservoir with 100hp pump, skid mounted
Vickers hydraulic unit, with 40hp motor; Racine hydraulic unit with dual 40hp pumps

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