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3" (76mm) x .217" (5.5mm) Flying Cold Saw NEW

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Installed Power: 40 Kw
Saw Rotation Motor: 18.5 Kw X 3000 Rpm
Saw Car Forward-Backward Mot.: 22 Kw X 2000 Rpm – Servo Motor
Max Line Speed: 140 Meter /Min (It İs Valid For 6 Meters Tube Length)
Tube Thickness: Min 0.50 – Max 5.50 Mm
Round Pipe: Ø 12.70 – 76.12 Mm  (Can Cut All Tubes İn Range)
Square Profile: 10x10 – 63.5x63.5 Mm (Can Cut All Tubes İn Range)
Rectangular Profile: 10x20 – 40x80 – 50.8x76.1 Mm (Can Cut All Tubes İn Range)
Tube Material (Max Tensile): Ts=420 N/Mm2
Tube Material (Max Yield): Fy=380 N/Mm2
Tube Material: 1010, 1008, A36
Clamp Movement: Hydraulic
Saw Type: Hss-Tct: Tct – Hss
Saw OD: Min 450 Mm – Max 550 Mm
Saw Rotation Speed: 240 Meter/Min
Direction: Right To Left
Max Length Error: ± 1.00 Mm
Length To Cut: 4 - 12 Meter
Input Voltage: 440 V /60 Hz
Control Voltage: 110 V        
Car Drive System: Timing Belt
Saw Advance: Ball Screw With Bearing
Mechanical Safety System: Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Slide Lubrication System: Automatic Multi-Point Grease
Cutting Cooling: Boron Oil Fed From The Pipe Mill

Electrıcal And Electronıc Systems

Drive: Control techniques
Plc: İndustrial Pc Codesys
Hmı: Jmobile Pc Runtime
Io: Crevis İnput Output
Communication Protocol: Ethercat
Servo: Nidec+Hpb Motor
Switching Equipment: Abb, Schneider Electric, Omron, Siemens

Except for user and operator errors, two years mechanical and electric automation guaranteed

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