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26" x.105" x 20,000# Ruesch Slitting Line with Slip Core Drum



Stock #



Width 26 inches
Thickness .105 inches
Coil Weight 20000 pounds
Arbor Size 4.125 inches

Equipped With

Thickness Range:  .010" - .105"
Minimum Cut Width:  .324"
Arbor Diameter:  4 1/8"
Coil Entry ID:  16" 
Coil Exit ID:  16"

Complete Line With

Coil Tipper
Traversing Coil Car / Coil Lift

Mandrel Uncoiler
28" Mandrel Face
4 Leaf Mandrel
Sliding Base
Feed Up Drive
Hydraulic Expansion

Ruesch Slitter Head
Ring Slitter Design
Top & Bottom Back Ups
4 1/8" Diameter Arbors
25 HP DC Drive
Entry Pass Line Roll
Entry Edge Guides
2 Scrap Winders with Oscillating Wind

Feed Table

Ruesch Recoiler with Slip Core Drum (Serial No. N3047E)
16" Diameter Drum
33" Drum Face
40 HP DC Drive
Hydraulic Push-Off
Spare Recoiler Drum

Floor Standing Overarm Separator

4 Arm Exit Turnstile

Precision Slitter Tooling
Hydraulic Units
Operator Push Button Controls
Electrical Controls & Transformers

Parker SSD 590 Integrator DC Drives
Control Techniques Mentor ll Digital Drives

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