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2" (50.8mm) x 5mm Olimpia80 Stainless Steel Tube Mill


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Tube Diameter 2 inches
Max. Wall Thickness .20 inches

Equipped With

Tube Diameter: 12.7mm - 50.8mm
Wall Thickness: 0.70mm - 5mm
Manufacturer: Olimpia80, Italy 
Mill Includes Following Components:
Double Uncoiler 
Shear End Welder
Cage Strip Accumulator
Strip Guide
Forming Section: 7 Driven Stands, 7 Side Idlers
Weld Box
Laser Welding Unit - CO2 Laser
Eddy Current for Weld Seam Control
Bead Grinder
Bead Roller
Anti-Twist Unit
First Sizing Group: 3 Driven Stands, 3 Side Idlers
Tube Cleaning System
In-Line Bright Annealing Machine
Heating Section
Cooling Sections
Heating Exchange Group
Eddy Current Test for Full Body Control
Second Sizing Group: 2 Driven Stands, 2 Side Idlers
Straightening Unit
Tube Marking Unit
Band Saw Cut-Off
Unloading Bench
Fully Automatic Runway & Discharge System with Cradle
Installed and Running

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