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2.5" x .134" Stainless Precision Reduction Tube Mill Line with Spool Recoiling

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Tube Diameter 2.5 inches
Max. Wall Thickness .134 inches

Equipped With

Year:  2006
Manufacturer:  Turek & Heller
Finished Dia Stainless Tubing:  .85" & 1.21"
Maximum Wall Thickness:  .170" 
Material:  446, 347, 825, Stainless Steel
Line produces Precision High Strength Stainless Steel Tubing
Using (2) 8 Stand Compression Reducing Mills
Cut-To-Length and Coiled Form onto Spools
Core Entry Line with
   20K Reel-O-Matic Payoff
Complete Entry Line 
Entry Edge Prep Station with Edge Trimmer
5 Turek & Heller Forming Stands with 4 Side Idler Rolls
3 Turek & Heller Finn Pass Stands with 4 Side Idler Rolls
(2) Sets of 6 Roll Weld Boxes with Dual Torches
Argon Gas Mixers with Stealth Digital Readouts
(2) WU35 Turek & Heller 8 Stand Precision Reducing Mills with 8 Side Idler Rolls
Strip Core Washer
200 KW Thermatool Annealing System
FWQ - Fast Water Quench
In Line Product Testing featuring: Eddy Current Test, Magnetic Test, Laser Marking, Laser Micrometer
Turek & Heller Rotary Flying Cut-Off
Cut-Off Core Guide Assembly
(3)Reel-O-Matic Take Ups (2 x 10 Ton and 1 x 20 Ton)
Tooling, Digital Electrics, Coolant and All Associated Equipment
Complete Line in Excellent Condition

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