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168mm x 8mm API Pipe Mill Line with Hydrostatic Tester & End Facing New in 2002

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Tube Diameter 6.6 inches
Max. Wall Thickness .315 inches

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Year 2002

Diameter of steel pipe 2 3/8" - 6 5/8" (60.3-168.3 mm)
Max Diameter: 177 x 5 mm
Wall Thickness: 2-8 mm
Length: 5.5-10 m
Max Weight: 316 kg/piece
Raw Material: hot rolled coil
Arbor Diametere: 115mm
Coil OD: 1200-1800 mm
Coil ID: 610 mm
Width: 195-550 mm
Material: API-5L Max: x-52
Max Weight: 10 ton
Height level of welding mill: +1000 mm
Welding speed of forming machine: 17-60m/min
Power Supply: AC 380V 50Hz
Installation power capacity: -800kw (exclude H.F)
Mass of whole equipment: -225 ton
Occupied area: 9m span in width -125m in length
Lifting capacity 10/5 ton OH cranes 2 sets

Complete Mill With:

Mandrel Uncoiler
Peeler Hold Down Roll
Crop Shear
Pinch Rolls
Shear & End Welder
Horizontal Accumulator with Vertical Feeder Roll

Forming Mill
Entry Edge Guides
Motorized Stand Adjustments
#1 Driven Break Down Stand
Cage Mill
#2 Driven Break Down Stand
2 Finn Pass Stands

800 KW High Frequency Welder
2 Roll Weld Box
2 Seam Guide Rolls
2 OD Scarfing Stands
20' Cooling Section

Sizing Section
Vertical Sizing Stand
Horizontal Sizing Stand
Horizontal Sizing Stand
Vertical Sizing Stand
2 Turks Heads Stands with Rotation

Flying Friction Saw
Rack & Pinion Accelerator
Digital Controls

Run Out Table
Dual End Facers
Walking Beam Conveyor
Hydrostatic Tester

Tooling Rolls
Spare Tooling with Shafts & Bearings

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