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168mm x 7.11mm Oto Mill Rafted Tube Mill Line


1687 RTC

Stock #

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Tube Diameter 6.6 inches
Max. Wall Thickness .279 inches

Equipped With

Model No. 1687
Rafted Mill with Spare Set of Rafts
110mm Shaft Diameter
Tube Diameter Range:  60mm - 170mm
Wall Thickness:  2mm - 7.11mm
Strip Width:  185mm - 535mm
Squares:  50mm x 50mm - 130mm x 130mm
Rectangular:  70mm x 25mm - 200mm x 65mm
Complete Mill With:
Oto Mills Double End Uncoiler
Coil Holder
Power Rotation
Brake & Clutch
Hydraulic Expansion
Hold Down Rolls
Peeler Table
5 Roll Flattener with Pinch Rolls  
Automatic Oto Mills Shear & End Welder
Oto Mills Floop
Oto Mills Rafted Forming Mill with Spare Set of Rafts
Entry Edge Guides
Entry Edge Prep Station
Entry 2 Roll Stand
5 Forming Stands
4 Side Idler Rolls
2 Side Idler Roll Cluster
3 Finn Pass Stands
2 Side Idler Rolls
Motorized Stand Adjustments
LVDT Positioners
2 x 119 KW DC Drives
2 Speed Gear Boxes
Welding Section
450 KW Thermatool Solid State Welder
2 Roll Weld Box
2 Seam Guide Rolls

20' Cooling Trough

Eddy Current Tester

Oto Mills Rafted Sizing Mill with Spare Set of Rafts
4 Sizing Stands
3 Side Idler Rolls
4 Turks Heads
119 KW DC Drive
2 Speed Gear Box
Motorized Stand Adjustments
LVDT Positioning

Double Cold Saw Cut-Off New in 2014
Model 14162T
Cut-Off Clamps
Touch Screen Controls

Run Out Table
Side Discharge

Ellytre Digital Controls
Simens Simatic Touch Screens
Eltav 5 Motion Controller

Large amount of Tooling for Rounds/Squares/ Rectangles

Complete Mill 


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