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1650 Ton 7" Aluminum Extrusion Line with Powder Coating


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Tonnage 1650 metric-tons

Equipped With

Manufacture: Prima – Italy
Billet Loading Device
Machine Brushing: Ticket
Billet Pre-Heating Furnace Cometal Manufacturer
Billet Shears with Aerial Gripper, Cometal Manufacturer
1650 Ton Extrusion Press, With Double Container for Rapid Die Change
Hot Saw with Air-Water Cooling System
50 M Cooling Bed with Bench Profile & Puller
Cold Cutting System with Automatic Profile Collator
Scrap Press Aluminum Profiles (Cubes 40x40 Cm )
Basket Accumulation System for Aging Furnace Entrance
Double Aging Furnace for Profiles with A Capacity Of 8 Baskets Each
Basket Accumulation System with Exit Aging Furnace
Automatic Profiles Packaging and Packaging System and Weighing System
System for Returning Baskets to The Load Line for The Incinerator System
Die Protection Cabin Complete with Bench and Equipment, Shelves, Lathe, Cutter, Polisher, Welding Machine and Various Control Tools
Double Furnace (Cometal) For Dies Preheating.
Bottom Recovery System, Equipment for Dies Disassembly, Sandblaster, Soda System for Dies Cleaning
Compressed Air Syste

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