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1550mm x 6mm x 30 Ton Eurosliter Loop Slitting Line with Quick Change Tooling Capstan

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Width 60 inches
Coil Weight 60000 pounds

Equipped With

Line Manufactured in 1995
General Characteristics: Material: Hot/Cold-Rolled Steel.
Tensile Strength max 500/360 N/mm²
Coils: Weight 30 ton max
Width Strips: min 30 mm max 1600 mm
Thickness Range: min 0,5 mm. Max 5/(6) mm
External Diameter min 800 mm. max 1800 mm
Internal Diameter Entry 508-610-760
Internal Diameter Exit 508

Characteristics of Line:
Direction of Line: Right – Left
Max Line Speed : 120 m/min

Complete Line with the Following Components:

Entry Pit Type Coil Car
30 Ton Coil Weight Capacity

Double End Expandable Mandrel Uncoiler
Mandrel Expansion Ø508/610/760mm
2 Motors (36+36Kw) with Regenerative Braking

Entry Edge Guides

Entry Crop Shear

Slitting Head with 2 Arm Quick-Change Tooling Capstan
Motor Drive: Kw270

Scrap Winder

Entry and Exit Cascade Rolls

Pit Cross Over Table

Exit Crop Shear

Rotary Tension Stand
Motor Drive: Kw65

Recoiler with Outboard Bearing Support
Overarm Separator
Full Hydraulic Drum
30 Ton Coil Weight Capacity.
Motor Drive : Kw160

4-arms-Exit Turnstile
30 Ton. each arm

Complete with: Hydraulic equipment Electric equipment Electric equipment line control and management PLC Hitachi Main control pulpit Entrance+exit section pulpit Installed and Under Power

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