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12" x 2.50" x 1,000# Ruesch Slitting Line

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Width 12 inches
Thickness 2.25 inches
Coil Weight 1000 pounds
Arbor Size 2.5 inches

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SERIAL #: N1966 5309  
-Ruesch Model Number:         76 
-Type Slitter:                Pull Through Finger Set Up
-Line Direction:              Right to Left 
 Type:  Beryllium Copper, High Carbon and Stainless Steel 
 Width:  2" to 12" (50mm - 305mm) 
 -Per Original Specs:  0.001" - 0.020" (0.025mm) - 0.508mm) 
 -As Used:  0.003" - 0.025" (0.076mm - 0.625mm) 
Coil Size:
  Minimum I.D.:  6" (152mm) 
  Maximum O.D.:  16" (406mm) Approx.
  Max. Coil Weight:
  -Per Original Specs:  600 lbs. (270 KG) 
  -As Used:  1,000 lbs. (450 KG) 
Consisting of the following:
-Note: Payoff to be supplied by the purchaser
-Slitter Head:
  Arbor Size:  2.50" (63.5mm) Dia. x 13" (330mm) Face Width 
  Knife Diameter:  5.50" (140mm) Max.
  Spacer Diameter:  3.750" (94mm) 
  Slitting Speed:  0 - 250 FPM (0 - 76M/Min.) 
  Number of Cuts:  15 in 0.020" (0.050mm) Thick Material @ 250 FPM (76M/Min.)
  Maximum Stock Width:  12" (305mm) 
  Floor to Tip of Cutters:  38" (965mm) Approx.
  Entry Side Guides:  Manual Adjustment 
  Slitter Housing:  Ruesch 76-93A 
  Dual Handwheel Adjust 
  Wooden Fingers 
  Finger Stabilizer:  Screw Type 
  Digital Counter:  Red Lion 
  Drive Motor:  7.50 HP, 1745 RPM, 440 V., 3 PH, 60 HZ, Variable Speed
    With Eaton Dynamatic Adjustospeed Drive 
  Exit Pinch Rolls:  2" (50mm) Dia. x 13" (330mm) Width 
-Scrap Winder:
  Drum Diameter:  5.50" (140mm) 
  Drum Width:  14.50" (368mm) 
  Driven from Main Drive 
  Quantity:  2 
  Shaft Diameter:  2.875" (71.12mm) 
  Shaft Width:  16" (406mm) 
  Chain Driven from Main Drive 
  Uses Separator Disks 
-Overall Size: 77" L x 73" W x 59" High
-Approx. Weight of Machine:  2,200 lbs. (1000 KG) 
-Large Quantity of Tooling Available 

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