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12 Stand Bradbury Side by Side Cee & Zee Rollformer DTR



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Number of Stands 12

Equipped With

Bradbury Side by Side DTR Rollforming Line
Double Wide Telescoping Shaft
Year 1997
Leg Height and Web Changes Made by Hydraulically Adjusting Outboard Stands with Digital Readouts for Location
Series 400
Model No.  425
Thickness:  .059" - .105"
Cee Tooling:  4" - 14" Web x 2" - 4" Leg Height
Zee Purlins:  3 1/2" - 14" Web x 1 1/2" - 3 1/2" Leg Height x 1 1/8" Maximum Return Lip 
Entry Coil Car
ASC Mandrel Uncoiler
Peeler Hold Down Roll
Looping Pit Feed Table
Feeder / Straightener
Crop Shear
Butt Welder
5 Roll Straightener
Run Out Conveyor
12 DTR Roll Forming Line
Year 1997
12 Stands on Each Side
Unequal Geared
Speed:  200 FPM
Drive:  100 HP AC
Entry Edge Guides
Digital Readout Controller
Motorized Tooling Adjustment
Digital Readout Roll Positioning
Double Tapered Roller Bearing
Hydraulic Vertical Adjustment
Allen Bradley Panel View 1000 Digital Readouts
Run Out Stacking Table
Tooling Included for Making Various Size Cees and Zees

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