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12.7mm Diameter x 1.2mm Precision Tube Mill Line

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Tube Diameter .5 inches
Max. Wall Thickness 0.047 inches

Equipped With

Tube Diameter Range:  9.5mm - 12.7mm (3/8” & 1/4”)
Wall Thickness:  .4mm - 1.2mm
Strip Width:  29mm - 40.5mm
Tube Length:  4000mm - 6000mm
Line Speed:  60 Meters/Min
Complete Line With:
5,000# Double End Uncoiler 
Coil ID:  420mm - 520mm
Coil Width:  29mm - 100mm
Butt Welding Station
Vertical Floop Accumulator
Max Strip Width:  230mm
Strip Thickness:  .4mm - 1.2mm
Push Button Operator Station
Forming Mill
Entry Flattener
2 Sets Edge Guides
4 Forming Stands
4 Side Idler Rolls
3 Finn Pass Stands
2 Side Idler Rolls
Universal Drive Mill
11 KW Motor, 1740 RPM
150 KW BSF Welder (Bosung)
Squeeze Roll Stand
2 Roll Weld Box
2 OD Scarfing Stands
Bead Winder
Ironing Stand
Cooling Trough
Sizing Mill
Entry Tube Guide
4 Sizing Stands
3 Side Idler Rolls
11 KW Drive
Universal Drive
Measuring Roll
2 Turks Heads
Flying Saw Cut-Off. (10 Years Old)
6 Meter Length
15 KW AC Motor
Digital Controller
15 KW Inverter
Run Out Dump Table
2 Sets of Tooling 
PLC Controller
Operator Push Button Stations

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