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12" (300mm) x 12mm Form Square / Welded Square Pipe Mill (NEW)

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Tube Diameter 12 inches
Max. Wall Thickness .47 inches

Equipped With

Coil OD: 1300mm - 2000 mm
Coil ID: 610 – 760mm
Max Coil Weight: 20T
Square Pipe Diameter: 100mm x 100mm  300mm x 300mm x 12mm
Rectangle Pipe Diameter: 100mm x 150mm   200mm x 300mm
Wall Thickness: 4.0mm – 12mm
Length: 6mm – 12mm
Welding Speed: 10 -30 m/min
Cone Uncoiler
Pincher and Leveler
Shear and Hydraulic Alignment Device
Horizontal Spiral Accumulator  
Hydraulic Station for Entry Sections             
Forming and Sizing Machine                   
Running Speed: 10-25m/min
Universal Shaft and Motor Reducer
Horizontal Stand in Forming Mill
Side Roll Diameter: 120mm
Vertical Stand for Forming Mill
Shaft Diameter: 130mm
Guiding Roll Stand
Idle 4 Rolls
Horizontal Shaft Diameter: 120mm
Side Roll Diameter: 160mm
Flying Saw
Cutting Speed: Max 5m/ min
Cutting Motor: AC160KW

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