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1000mm x .035mm x 5 Ton Astronic Trapezoid Transformer Core Cutting CTL Line with Punching System (Year 2007)

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Coil Weight 10000 pounds
Width 39.37 inches
Thickness 0.0138 inches
ID 20.5 inches

Equipped With

Manufacturer: Astronic AG (Germany)
Coil Weight: 5 Ton
Thickness Range: 0.20mm to 0.35mm
Width Range: 80mm to 1000mm
Coil ID:  min 470 mm- max. 520 mm 
Format Length Range: 500mm to 6000mm
Speed: 282mpm
Line Direction: Left to Right
Complete Line with the Following Components:
Double End Mandrel Uncoiler
5 Ton Coil Weight Capacity
Hydraulic Expansion
Powered Hold Down Roll
Powered Rotation
Peeler Table
Loop Ramp with Loop Control System
Servo Feeder Rolls
Pre-Punching/Notcher Area:

Punching Dies for : 16 mm , 20mm and  22mm
- V-Notcher......... (Cuts Triangular Shapes that have been Pre-programmed)
- Hole Puncher.....(Cuts Holes that have been Pre-programmed))
- Slot Puncher......(Cuts Slots that have been Pre-programed)
Cross Over Conveyor
Shearing Area:
- Shear#1..... (45/90 Degree Angle) Manually Adjusted
- Shear#2......(135 Degree Angle)
Strip Aligning System
Scrap Conveyor
Diverter..... (Guides the Cut Sheets into either Upper or Lower Ramp)
Complete with Controls, Hydraulics, Electrics, Manuals and Drawings

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