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1000 Ton Blanking Line with Automatic Feed Feed Line for Producing CLASS 1 Automotive Blanks

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Complete Class 1 Automotive Blanking Line
1000 Ton Clearing Press Model S4-1000-120 x 84
2 Moving Bolsters
20 - 60 SPM
12" Stroke
Automatic Feed Class 1 Feed Line 
2000mm Wide x .5mm - 3.0mm Thickness
Complete Line with:
2 Coil Saddles
Coil Car
Double Stub Mandrel Uncoiler
Peeler Hold Down Roll
Pinch Rolls
Crop Shear
Washer with Sliding Base and Oscillating Brushes
Cassette 4 HI Leveler with 50mm Dia Work Rolls
Top & Bottom Back-Ups
150 HC Drive
Roll Wiping
Entry & Exit Cascade Rolls with Edge Guides
1000 Ton Press
Model S4-1000-120 x 84
2 Station Magnetic Stacker
Double Side Discharge
Allen Bradley Drives and Controls with HMI

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