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10 Roll Tube Straightening Machine

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10 Roll tube straightening machine for steel tubes with handling system
Year: 2014
Material specifications
Material- steel
Material shape- round tubes
Material strength:
yield strength- max. 850 N/mm^2
Condition primary material- blank, dry, or oiled
                Outside diameter: max. 8,625” (219 mm) / min. 1.9” (48 mm)
                Wall thickness: max. ½” (12.7 mm) / min. 0.126” (3.2 mm)
                Length: max. 50’ (15.24 m) / min. 17’ (5.18 m)
                Total tube weight: max. 1.433 lb. (650 kg)
Material straightness after straightening: up to 0.2 mm/m
                The final straightness depends on the tube conditions of the pre material
Type- RRM-pro 220/10
Working direction- from right to left
Straightening rolls:
- Number of straightening rolls- 10 pc. (5 pc. Top rolls and 5 pc. Bottom rolls)
- Design of the rolls:       
                - two-piece straightening roll (shaft and) roll
                - the roll is hardened and polished
- Straightening speed (infinitely variable)- 20-120m/min.
- Single roller drives (= 10 pc. Driving motors)
- Driving motors- AC-servo motors (water cooled)
- Nominal power of each drive motor- approx. 50kw
- Adjustable range of the roll-angle- approx. 30-40*
- Drive of the angle adjustment:
                - 5 pc. Top rolls – hydraulic cylinder with numerical controlled positioning
                - 5 pc. Bottom rolls- hydraulic cylinder with numerical controlled positioning
- Height adjustment of the rolls:
                - 5 pc. Top rolls- hydraulic cylinder with numerical controlled positioning
                - 5 pc. Bottom rolls- hydraulic cylinder with numerical controlled positioning
- Inlet and outlet guiding:
                - automatic height adjustment
- 10 pc. Straightening rolls
- 1 set inlet and outlet guiding (for one dimensional range)
- Material lubrication
                - for the material lubrication in the straightening machine
                - design: standard steel
- Safety equipment
                - solid safety door at the front side of the machine
                - sliding door at the back side of machine
- Hydraulics
                - hydraulic unit
                - valves
- Electrics
                - on the plant: motors, gear motors, limit switches, sensors, junction boxes
- switch cabinet (air conditioned): circuit breakers, safety switches, projection switches for motors, contactors, PLC, modem
- control desk with touch screen
- Machine software
                AMAVIS visualization system and database:
                - user optimized machine visualization
- all machine settings can be saved (product-related) in the AMAVIS – database and can be recalled and easy readjusted and then saved again
Handling system to the straightening machine
  • Scope of supply
- Inlet trough
                - Vario- inlet trough
                - with pinch roll unit
- Outlet trough
                - with pinch roll unit
- Pneumatic
- Hydraulic
- Electric

Main features of the ASMAG straightening machine
Precision vertical & rotary adjustment of the rolls
Adjustment of the rolls under load
Single roller drives
Minimal roller distance
Automatic set-up via AMAVIS database
Compact and solid machine frame
High quality due to in-house production

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