Pulverized Tube Lubrication Unit

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01. Spray nozzle: 3 pieces, with angular pulverized adjustable position


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01. Spray nozzle: 3 pieces, with angular pulverized adjustable position

02. Cabinet: It is made of 2.5 mm inox sheet. There will be maintenance covers on the cabin. There is one discharge valve under the cabinet.

03. Scraper: It is made of rubber. It varies according to the tube diameter&size

04. Pump: 250 W power with a capacity of 6 l / min (360 l - Hour)

05. Filter: It is used to clean dirty particles in oil.

06. The electrical system: It  will be made from an on off button on the cabinet.


Cores DF 10

APPEARANCE: Light Brown, Clear



FILM TYPE: Thin Oily Layer

Product Description: It is a special protective oil diluted with solvent, which has a water repellent feature, forms a thin oily film by entering between the water on the part and the part. It removes water from metal surfaces and creates a water-resistant film layer that protects metal surfaces against rust and corrosion. It has been designed with all the conditions that may be encountered during use in mind and developed based on extensive laboratory studies.

Usage / Usage: It is used to protect metal surfaces from atmospheric effects and to prevent oxidation of metals. It is successfully used for the protection of pipes, profiles and small parts with water or coolant in the packaging from rust, for the intermediate storage of wetted parts during galvanization, for the protection of parts from assembly and manufacturing.